My First Post #Introduction


1661473_10152989453869486_3531491568484389067_n  box  jetski

Always a good way to start that, Hi, simple and welcoming.  My name is Gulfaran and I am living in the UK working for a family business which aims to help churches and charities simplify their everyday activities but that isn’t why I’m here on wordpress.  Here, I am just looking to tell the world a little bit about myself, maybe have a little go at making some simple tutorials for programmingSketching is something I like to do in my spare time, you may see a little bit of that here and there.  Not too much.  Amateur skills and all there are a rare few pieces worth showing.  Sports is always fun, done my fair share. Football, Kickboxing, Cricket…..Bowling if you count that as a sport.  Tried my hand at Tennis once in Secondary school. Just the once.

This is an extremely new avenue for me and hopefully it will become a familiar one. Tips and tricks are welcome as is criticism it’s the only way to learn.

Thanks for reading.


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