My early Apple Mac review

Through work I have finally and with much reluctance started using an Apple Mac and I must say my first impression was that the Mac seems very primitive.

As I got to grips with it and started understanding it more there were things I liked and thinks I did not.

What I liked:

  • The speed :  The wait time for something to happen was very minimal and more specific to my work the android simulator on Windows (Eclipse) would take 5 minutes to load maybe longer whereas the iPhone simulator in Xcode took under a minute.  However I did overcome this in Windows by using my phone for debugging.
  • The laptops finish : Its amazing and feels so smooth
  • Better tools: This is only for specific specialist areas

What I disliked:

  • Opening Apps : The fact that when you open an application it initially only changes the top toolbar had be completely confused.  Using it for the first time I did not notice the bar at the top change option I thought the application was broken and actually uninstalled and reinstalled it in an attempt to fix it. One of the biggest things about development in my mind is feedback letting the user know something is happening.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts : The various different buttons to make something happen. This maybe me but there is inconsistency in which button carries out what kind of task.  Sometimes the option button does what the shift equivalent button would usually do and the option button carries out the task you would this the command button will do it all gets very confusing.
  • The Touchpad :  There is no left click and you cannot tap on the pad to carry out a left click.  Easily overcome with an actual mouse.
  • Deleting files and applications : Dragging it to the trash and not being able to use the the delete button annoys me and uninstalling an application via the trash makes me think is it really gone?
  • The delete button : There is no way to delete ahead of the cursor as far as I can tell

Most of this may be because of my years of using a Windows system and/or lack of knowledge on system settings which if anyone knows about please do tell me how to solve some of my issues.

Window is much more user friendly, provides a much more sophisticated system and provides a lot lot more for its users.  The Mac is fast, feels good and provides sufficient tools to do what you want in some specific cases better tools.



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