BeGunity – My First Indie Mobile Game – Ball Drop Pop

To my very small audience I have now created, beta tested, closed beta tested and now released my first ever game.  This has been quite a journey as I have had to self learn Unity and Blender.  Both are great, free products and amazing to use.  Blender is specially surprising as it offers so so much so if you want to create animations or 3D games with a 0 budget other than your time and dedication it is a must.

Now the reason for this article.  I wish for you to help me out and play my game for a few reasons:

  1. Give it a chance to reach people
  2. Get your valuable feedback for future game developments
  3. Find bugs that I or my closed beta hasn’t already

The game is android only at the moment but Unity provides the transference to iOS seamlessly I just need a game that would make the £79 a year worth it as well as the extra hoop jumps that go with uploading it to Apple.

I thank you in advance and leave here some screenshots and the link to my game:

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